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Mto Moyoni stories

Impression of the Ministry: The journey of Love


Pastor Paul came to one of our Fatherheart programmes, He came from a rural village and led a small local church, who were not able to support him financially.

During the Fatherheart school he began to see what was stolen from him in the garden of Eden. When he came home from the school, he re-read Genesis and saw that Adam had dominion over his life stock. He began blessing his cow and with Christmas he sent a text thanking us for introducing him to Father. He said since he is taking dominion over his cows and is blessing them they give double the amount of milk. He has paid all his debt and paid school fees for all his children.


Joshua walked into our place with his head down, he was a young men, perhaps 17 years. His whole being was covered in shame and guilt. When he told us his story, we understood why. Joshua was abducted from his school by a rebel army and they brainwashed him by forcing him to kill his own parents. When he was able to escape from the rebel army, he was rejected by his community and humanly speaking there was no hope for him anymore in this life. During the youth school, at the end of  the second session, when we asked the youth to relax and ask God how He wants to show Himself Father to them Joshua received a vision. He shared: ‘ I have just come back from heaven and Father looked me in the eye and said You are my son and I have a wonderful plan for your life’.

This vision changed Joshua’s heart so much and it gave him confidence, joy and peace. At the end of the youth school, during testimony time, it became clear that Joshua had become one of the most popular boys in the whole school. He received a new name. They called him Zapp because he was zapped up to heaven and came back.


Andrew walked passed the Mto Moyoni gate in June 2013 and felt that this place had something that he was looking for. He got a job as a gardener and while at Mto Moyoni he received the revelation that God is his Father, the father he has never had.

He had an encounter in the night with a huge soft hand that touched his body and this triggered something in his heart. He became hungry for more love.

He learned to forgive his mother from the heart when it became clear that he had a difficult relationship with her because she wanted to abort him. She was a school girl and wanted to continue with her studies. During one of the follow up youth sessions, he began to share that he is a father of a four year old boy. He did not share it earlier out of fear of loosing his job since Mto Moyoni is a christian organisation. Andrew shared that the Holy Spirit had convicted him and that he was denying his son a father. A few weeks after that, Andrew took his son into his house and became a single dad. The mother of the child was encouraged to come for a Fatherheart school and the love between Andrew and the mother of his child re-ignited.

A year later they married and they now have a loving family with three children.

He says: ‘every-time I see my wife and my kids my heart is full of thanksgiving for the love the Father has poured into my life’.


Hilary, I call myself a son because I received a revelation that God is my Father.

I used to live a life full of religion. I would pray in Church, sleep in Church preach on the streets. Do everything so that God would love me. I just knew that if I do not work for God I can not enter the Kingdom of God. I had a PHD in religious affairs ‘ permanent head damage’. This caused me to work out of fear. Fear for hell, fear for the fire the pastors were preaching about. I gave my life to Christ, not from the heart but out of fear.

I lived a life full of obedience to the pastor, pretence and had to shout all the hallelujahs to chase the demons. In 2014 I received the revelation that God is my Father. We do not need to shout to him. He knows what we need before we even ask. I now live a life where Father just simply loves me just the way I am. A life of freedom. A life of rest, surrendering to Him and opening my heart up for His love, simply asking him to fill me more with His love.


Benard As a child I always wondered why my family was persecuted by the government, until my father told me the story. My  grandfather was a rich man and government officials wanted his riches. So they murdered him, cut him in pieces and put his body pieces in sacks.This created such anger in me. As a young child I developed a spirit of revanche. I was a born again christian but my heart was so full of anger. My heart was very heavy and I had made a decision to join a terrorist group as soon as I was big enough.

When I first came to Mto Moyoni I could not understand anything. The teaching was so different. But I experienced a relieve when love went deep into my heart.

Father God dug out what was hidden there. He came to my heart and revealed what was hidden there and touched it with His love. My heart now enjoys freedom, rest and peace.

I am no longer a terrorist but I am a son loved by my Father.


Youth school. In January 2019 during a three week youth school we were attacked by a gang of ten men armed with machetes and pistols. It was a very violent and traumatizing experience where the youth came face to face with death.

In the first week we had spoken about the love of God for us as the best Father in the world.

This experience catapulted people into their hearts with fear, but Fathers comfort and love immediately wrapped around the fear for those who were able to keep their heart open to Him. The day after we ministered Fathers comfort to the youth and gave them opportunity to speak about what happened. We gave every one a choice to go home or to stay. Every one stayed. One young man was wondering where Father was in this ordeal. We took him to a 6 feet high fence with a two-feet deep trench and asked him to jump. He smiled and said, ‘I can not do that’. We said:’ that is what you did when you ran for help’ and this is what the Bible says:’with my God I will jump the wall’. Your real Father carried you over this fence. His heart was immediately at peace when he saw that Father had done the impossible for him. On the third day after the attack, one youth had written on the black board’ love is stronger than evil and light is stronger than darkness’.

A young lady testified that when she heard the alarm made by other youth she cried out for protection to Father and received a picture of her lying in peace in two big hands and she knew Father was there to protect her. Five days after the attack we organized a special session for people who needed to talk about the incident or who needed  prayer but no-one came. During testimony time there was no mention about the attack, there were only testimonies of Fathers love and goodness to them.

During a follow up weekend for youth who attended the youth school we heard the following testimony.


Margret was learning to hear the voice of her real Father. One night when she went to sleep she heard him say: wear your trousers tonight’. She was wondering why she should sleep with her trousers on but decided to do what Father told her to do.

That night her step father came to her and wanted to rape her but because she was wearing trousers he could not get her. When she testified there was not judgement in her heart towards her stepdad, there was only thankfulness to her real Father God for protecting her.


Friday is a young girl of 13 years who was sent to the streets to beg money so that her mother could drink. She came to the street children project and accepted Jesus. She took Jesus to her mother and the mother gave her life to Jesus and stopped drinking. For the first time in her life Friday had a mother who began to take care of her instead of the girl providing for her mother.One day we found Friday crying in the slum and asked her what the problem was. She shared that her stepdad had come home and had chased her mum away. She was now alone with her step dad and feared him. A week later one of us was asked to take her to capital city to look for her mother and this was her story:

That night my step dad came home and chased me from the house. I had no-where to go and decided to climb the tree where I used to sleep before I came to the street children project. When I was sitting in the tree I was so scared and that is when I realized that you told us that we can ask Father God to come to us. When I asked him I saw a kind of a film. In the film I saw a big man sitting on a big chair and he called me. I feared because he looked very important and I am only a street child. So I asked him, who are you?

He answered I can not show you my face but I will show you the hands of my Son and I saw the hands of Jesus dripping with blood. That is when I knew Father God invited me. When I walked up to the throne, He stoped down, picked me up and I slept on his lap very peacefully the whole night. The following morning the neighbors told me that it was not good for me to sleep in the tree and they invited me to sleep in their hut the next day. But that was not a safe place either. There was a lot of noise and drinking going on. I crawled on my mat in the corner of the hut and asked Father to come to me again. Immediately I fell in a deep sleep and had a dream. In the dream a huge angel came and took me back to the lap of Father God. I was so safe. A few months later this girl shared her testimony at the project and there was a lady who said, she should no longer live in the slum and paid for Fridays education in one of the best girls boarding school in the country. She shared her class with government ministers kids. When Christmas approached her friends were sharing what they had asked their fathers for Christmas. Friday felt very low because she did not have a father and said: ‘God you are my Father and I would like a red dress for Christmas’, that night she had a dream and in the dream she was in a beautiful garden with lots of flowers. In the flowers were pieces of soap, toilet paper red dresses toothpaste. All the things she needed and Father God said: this is your garden pick what you like. ‘My hands were full and the garden was also still full’. I knew my real Father was going to give me what I liked. Just before Christmas I went to the street children project and there was a big box for me. In the box was soap, toothpaste and a red dress.

I know God is my Father.


Supernatural money.

One day some one paid with fake money at Mto Moyoni. The following day in our staff meeting we shared how it feels to be cheated with money. Everybody had an experience in this area. It became a negative talk. Than we said: satan is an imitator, God is a creator. Who of you has ever had supernatural money. Three of our staff members responded positively. One gardener told us that he had told Father that he had no money to feed his children and that his children were Father Gods children so could he provide for his children.In the evening when he got changed in his own clothes he found 50,000 ugx  (14U$) in his pocket. Two other people shared that they walked home and had nothing to feed their children. When they came home, they opened their Bible to encourage themselves and found 50,000 shilling note in their Bibles.When we wrote this in a newsletter, We received a reply from a friend in Tanzania who  asked us to pray for him because he had lost his brother. Ten minutes later he sent another email: You would not believe this. I had read your newsletter about supernatural money and when I went to get changed to go to the funeral I felt something in my pocket. When I put my hand in it I found a whole lot of Tanzanian shillings. I have enough to pay for the funeral.

Impression of ministry: The journey of Love


This is a poem that someone wrote after attending the Fatherheart meetings

I was a dream from before the beginning of time, a dream residing as a drop of liquid love in the fathers heart. With my first breath taken on earth this dream became alive. Liquid love is my essence. The essence of eternal light, unconditional, unthinkable, holy, I am because He is.

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