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Mto Moyoni stories

This page will be filled shortly with stories about how Father is working in Mto Moyoni.

Gilbert Opio.

Gilbert once was a Karamojong boy who lived on the streets in Jinja for many years. Through Child Restoration Outreach, he received his primary and secondary education.

At Mto Moyoni he received deep healing in his heart and has began to live a life of a son while working in the gardens of Mto Moyoni.  Presently he is working in the kitchen at Mto Moyoni during the week and in the weekend he is studying hotel management at Kampala International University.

Hamza Sempa.

Hamza has never known his father and when his mother died, he had no other alternative than to move tot he streets. He was assisted by Child Restoration Outreach and finished his secondary education. Its during the Mto Moyoni youth school that he encountered the love of the Father for hi mand he stayed on as an intern to receive more of his true identity as a son of God.

He is also studying hotel management at Kampala university and hopes to become a manager of a very busy hotel.


Emma Emuko.

Emma came to Mto Moyoni youth school a very disappointed young men. He had started a study but the sister who was paying for his schoolfees failed to raise the money. He felt there was no future for him.

After the youth school he worked in the garden at Mto Moyoni as he became aware that his heart is more important than his head. After two years Father opened the door for him to study catering. He is a happy men now, enjoying the presence of Father in his life and in his studies.


Irene Mutoni.

Irene was a part time street child. She lived with her mother but the mum did not have the funds to help her with school fees. Child Restoration paid for her fees and during the youth school she received a deep revelation that she is a beloved daughter of Father God. She worked with Mto Moyoni as a housekeeper fort wo years and saved her money to pursue her dream. To become a nurse who will love the patients in the hospital.

She is now studying in her second year. Mto Moyoni is contributing towards her school fees.

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