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Winette Hubregtse

Winette is born in the Netherlands, but moved to Jinja, Uganda, in 2001 where she started working with Africa Inland Mission (AIM). This town at the source of the River Nile than became home for 15 years.

She had a life changing experience in Kenya in 2003, where she met God as a Father what turned her life upside down. She than received a brand new calling to start to give out what she received from Father, which led her to start working together with Ingrid Wilts in setting up Mto Moyoni retreat centre. The centre opened officially in 2006 and over the years many people received healing of their hearts by attending the conferences and Fatherheart schools.

Winette left Uganda in 2015 due to health reasons but is back there regularly for shorter periods of time to be involved in teaching on Fatherheart schools and conferences as well as on the youth schools.
Her heart and passion to see people experience the love of the Father and know their true identity as sons and live free has remained unchanged. Back in Europe she regularly is involved in teaching on Fatherheart schools and conferences and also Winette carries Father’s heart for his people in the Middle East.
Her dream is to see a River of his love flowing through this part of the world, and indeed the whole world.

Winette loves nature and capturing the beauty of creation and of all creatures great and small on camera. Many of the pictures on this website are taken by her.

Philip Lotimong

My journey of life, before I met Father’s love, was a life of misery, no joy and I did not know who I was. I hated myself, felt very hurt and I was hurting others, I was broken and was breaking others. Coming from the Karamoja region in Uganda, I was very often rejected by other people.

With no education at all I felt life was meaningless. I grew up as a son of a witchdocter, often sleeping on the streets and eating left over food from the dust bin. I felt there was no point in living.

In 2008 I came alive when I attended a Transformation of the heart week at Mto Moyoni and was introduced to my real Father God who loves me. I received freedom, joy and discovered my true identity as a son. I served God as a slave but now I work with Him as a son with my heart filled with love.

His love has healed me, restored me and leads me into His identity for my life. Fathers love is stronger than everything I have gone through. In His love I am more than safe.

Maggie Jwan

My father is South Sudanees but I lived in Uganda my whole life. I am a single mother of a beautiful daughter called Esther.

I met Father in 2010, when I met started working at Mto Moyoni and since that time Father God and I are developing an intimate relationship.

I did not belief that God was loving me as a Father and doubted the teachings.  But than I received a beautiful experience where I saw two big hands and I was lying in them.  I heard Father God telling me:  ‘Maggie, I want you to rest’. That encounter started my journey of discovering that God is FOR me, not against me. That I am His real daughter and that Father God loves me in the same way He loves His son Jesus. From that moment on, I am journeying with Him step by step. I am so thankful that our relationship is growing day by day.

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